Whats up Geek Crew!

3,5 year ago:
7 people

We started a little brand for ourselves 3 and half years ago and we could only convince literally 7 people to show up to a crappy house in Las Vegas.

Today: 50 people
across Globe

Now we sell out our tickets in days for 50 people per show across the globe. Cool to reflect on.

2021 to be the year of
insane acceleration

We picked up a lot of momentum and now that a lot of the major players in the space are committing to digital only events, we know that 2021 is going to be the year of insane acceleration.

We are basically the only live marketing event happening in 2021 from what we know today.

We love these events... we go to these events, we send our teams to these events and sometimes we even speak at these events… but in 2021 they are going to be digital...

And well then there is us, and there’s you, The Geekout Gang. We’ve always done things our way and this year will be no exception

We are doing 7 in person events world wide ..


2021 is going
to be diferent

As usual we will sell tickets for these on a one by one basis but 2021 is going to be diferent, we are dropping something new and that’s why we are talking to you now.

Enter, Geekout’s World Wide Acquisition Tour

The ink has just dried on the largest partnership we have been working on for sometime. A partnership that truly allows us to take what we have built and improve it beyond what we could have imagined when we frst began.

That is why we are approaching this as a season ticket event.

There will be:

Global Season Pass

European Season Pass

American Season Pass

What does this mean ..

For global You will get tickets for every event we do
For europe you will get all european events
And for the US you get ticket for all cities

Plus - if for whatever reason, you aren’t able to make it - no worries, you can share your seat.

You can share them, Gift them, scalp them … they are yours to do as you please. Why else are they SUPER special?

Super Flex

Only season ticket holders will get replays

We haven’t sold replays to attendees or anyone else for the last 5 events and dont plan on it except for season ticket holders. Maybe you dont even want to go to the event .. maybe you just want to be a baller like that and get all content without ever having to travel .. Super Flex

Season Ticket Holders ..
Only you get Replays ..

Hard Stop.

If you get any of the season tickets .. Europe Us or Global you also get new The New Geek Lux access What does this mean:

  • 4 nights your event is thursday night to monday morning VS friday night to sunday night
  • Pre-event dinner with other VIPs and select speakers/homies Nick / James (thursday)
  • Monday morning breakfast
  • Geekout Rolex Roldex Telegram Group - High-level members and homies All Geekout courses free
  • And whats crazy is if you buy a season pass the price per event is 30 Percent of the normal Ticket price


So you get

All the events Geek Lux Vip Treatment Replays And event Longer Event for 30 percent less

We called this the Acquisition tour for a handful of reasons:


Our partner is the largest player in the acquisition game, Thras.io if you don’t believe us just check this out. We aren’t playing around - they want strategic partnerships and they want to acquire brands. Amazon, Shopify, you name it they want it if it passes their criteria.


We are acquisition guys - we are click buyers and we are always looking for ways to acquire more customers.


Almost the most important thing about this is the network that we have been able to curate over the last 10 years. Strong brand owners, strong business owners, and smart marketers that are all wanting to problem solve and help each other. Rooted in the no-ego lifestyle. This is why we are working so hard. To build and curate the best and smartest in the game to be part of our tribe.

If you want to be part of the top tier of this tribe and not miss out because you moved to slow!

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